A Company With A Conscience

we-are-a-company-with-a-conscienceWe are a celiac-owned family business. Like you, we have to navigate our way through the maze of specialty and mainstream gluten free products, some excellent, some not so good, some we trust implicitly, some that have given us reason to doubt them. We make all of our products ourselves in a dedicated gluten free facility, with all new equipment, that we built from the ground up. Everyday, we eat what we make. You won’t find higher quality gluten-free bread than ours, from the cleanliness of the label, to the integrity of our ingredients, to the passionate care of our employees who are paid excellent wages and are provided with health insurance, paid sick and personal days, as well as paid holidays and two weeks of vacation.

We strongly believe in supporting our local economy and family farms. We buy all of our ingredients, supplies and services locally whenever possible and don’t cut costs at their expense. We work with Efficiency Vermont to source the most energy-efficient heating, cooling, lighting, and equipment, and recycling is one employee’s dedicated part-time job. However, we still have not figured out what to do with the tons (literally) of egg shells we produce.