How Our Company Got Its Name

how-our-company-got-its-nameIt’s not all that easy to name a company. Although big pharmaceutical companies and banks can change their names like scenes in a play, upstart companies have to struggle to gain name recognition and brand identity. So, you have to be pretty comfortable with your company’s name.  It took us a long time to settle on a name that reflected both our product and who we were. We had some close calls with bad names: Inspired by a great Vermont bakery, Red Hen, who provided invaluable advice on starting a business, we first thought of naming our company Golden Dog, after Amos, our beloved Golden Retriever. It wasn’t until Tom mentioned that Golden Dog food sounded like something Amos would eat that we jettisoned that name. Then Nancy came up with Over The Hill Baking Company, a double entendre for Ames Hill, where we lived, and the fact that we were starting our company in the second half of our lives. Nope, sounds like stale bread. One day when Nancy was out running, the name Against The Grain just popped into her head. “It needs more,” Tom said, “something like gourmet,” and Against The Grain Gourmet was born.